Dry porcelain

Dry porcelain ceramic Façade is of the up-to-date Façade on the world that installed drying. This ceramic is the cladding (covering) part of Dry porcelain ceramic that is the main part of this Façade, and should have sufficient strength in a single module and lowest water.

Double Skin Façade

These Façade can be produced from a variety of sheets, such as metal, cement board, etc. Double skin facades, After designing on the raw sheets, implemented with CNC cutting or water jet technique, and installed with different methods after the infrastructure.

Aluminum Composite

Maybe for some of those involved in construction, including employers, engineers and contractors, speaking of modern views, still associated with the use of glass facades of high-rise buildings or in combination with other materials such as stone and wood.

CNC Punch

Lambeh Karan Zarin Company Ready to deliver any orders for metal parts with high quality and international standards.

Composite Façade

The product segmentation in terms of usage Unlike the existing building, in terms of time optimizing and the economic projects plan, Composite sheets depending on the efficiency of the project as well as the sensitivity level of usage and installation, offer a wide range of options to consumers.

Hollow dry porcelain

This type of dry porcelain ceramic with a hole in its thickness has more insulated advantages. Because the air in the cavity is prevent penetration of hot or cold air through the ceramic body, and play the role of insulation in the dry porcelain ceramic thickness.

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