Cell Ceiling

Cell ceiling system

Panel material : Aluminum sheet with a thickness of 0.4 to 0.5 mm (Galvanized and other materials on request)

Coating : Electrostatic powder, full automatic with thickness of 60 to 80 micron, by Rall Europe standard


Integrated with the carrier, length of 1200 mm and network of 60 x 60- in visible structures of 15 and 24 mm

Different pendant systems

Rod , wire, threaded infrastructure, (all gears)

margin Implementation: L 15 x 50 mm

Capabilities (the ability to combine with other ceilings, compatible with modular lighting )


Springs Dimensions :

Type A50: blade width:10mm and height: 50 mm

blades distances: 190-140-110-90-65-40 mm

(distance combination on request)

Type B60: blade width:20mm and height: 60 mm

blades distances: 180-130-100-80-55 mm

(distance combination on request)

Type C48 : blade width:15mm and height: 48 mm

blades distances: 185-135-105-85-60-35 mm

(distance combination on request)

Type C90 : blade width:15mm and height: 90 mm

blades distances: 285-185-135-105 mm

(distance combination on request)