Cement Board

Fiber Cement board

Fibercement is a global term which describes the fiber reinforced cement products and commonly used in all the countries around the world. Common feature of these plates is having organic or inorganic (or both) fibers in their structures as reinforcement elements and Portland cement as a bonding member.

Large sized plates that can be used on the interior and exterior facade cladding applications of all kinds of buildings are produced under HEKIMBOARD brand. Plates with 1250 mm standard width are produced in two different lengths of 2500 mm and 3000 mm. Production of non-standard dimensions out of these figures may also be possible. Plates have various kinds in terms of their place of use (interior or exterior applications) and surface appearance.

Plates separated into two categories as interior and exterior according to their place of use are also produced in various surface appearances. Exterior plates specify plates which will be exposed to atmosphere conditions directly. Although their general formulations are largely identical, some chemicals are added to keep thermal expansion values at the minimum level. The plates produced in this category are referred as A-category plates in TS EN 12467 standard. Interior plates are described as plates not expected to be exposed directly to atmosphere conditions. These products described as C category plates in the related standard can be used on the interior facade cladding, as supporting material under roofing material and as backer boards under the tiles in wet areas or as ceiling covering plates.

HekimBoard Fibercement Applications :

1-Interior and exterior facade cladding of any kind of buildings
2-Sandwich panel wall element
3-Suspended ceiling element
4-Flooring material in multi-storeyed prefabricated buildings
5-Backerboard under roof tiles
6-Underlying material for ceramic tiles in wet areas
7-flooring Material on elevated flooring systems
8-Decorative interior applications
9-Soffit and fascia elements on roof projrctions10-Concrete moulds
11-Backerboard on the billboards and roof cladding materials
12-Decorative shopwindow applications
13-Trims, door and window framings
14-Supporting material in composite elements
15-Storey trim on multi-storey buildings
16-Decorative elements on exterior facades
17-Wall elementsin prefabricated pools
18-Wall elements in wet areas (as PET foil laminated)
19-Underlying elements in thermal sheathing applications
20-Cladding elements on curtain wall systems

Advantages of HekimBoard Fibercement :

1-Composition of all natural materials, enviorment, nature and human friendly
2-Contains no asbestos or other harmful materials
3-Incombustible (A1 class fire resistant building material according to EN13501-1 )
4-No hazardous gas emission even when exposed to extreme temperatures
5-Water resistant, water absorption ratio is lower than concrete buildings
6-Resistant against ultraviolet rays
7-Imperishable, long life, easy maintenance
8-Very good heat and sound insulation
9-Not affected by harmful insects, not inhabitable for insects
10-Can painted with acrylic exterior paint and plastic based interior paint due to cement and silicate based mixture
11-Warm and comfortable appearance of the wood effect, but physically more advantageous than wood
12-Can be easily processed by hard wood tools, easy to install
13-Economical because does not need plaster
14-durable against strokes and beats
15-light, can be easily handled (weight of 8 mm board is 11.2 Kg/m2)16-Odorless, producess no gas harmful to human health
17-Resistant against most chemical elements and animal waste
18-Resistant against frost, can be used safely in coldest climatic conditions
19-Can be used much more safely in any applications, where similar cladding materials used
20- Perfect binding to several insulation materials, so can be used as sandwich panel for multiple purposes