Lay in ceiling

Lay-in Ceiling Tiles

The term lay-in refers to tiles that have minimal tile face coverage by the supporting exposed grid as distinct from lay-on tiles where the face of the tile is fully visible.

Panel material :

Aluminum sheet with a thickness of 0.5 to 0.7 mm (Galvanized and other materials on request)

Coating :

Electrostatic powder, full automatic with thickness of 60 to 80 micron, by Rall Europe standard

Edge shape  :

Panel edge with a height of 8 mm

Panel without edge

System Networking: Click lock , width 15mm

Lower suspension grid systems, on request: double spring, threaded (all gear), Wire


Standard size:

Edged Panel : 300×300 mm600×600 mm-300×600 mm

Panel without edge: 600×1200 mm 600×600 mm – 300×300mm

Custom sizes:

Panel without edge: width to 1200 mm- length to 600 MM

Border implementation:

Edges Panel: two steps L profiles

Panel without edge: L 24


Easy to clean- Easy handling- Compatibility with Modular – Easy access to the installations above the ceiling

Seam separation: 24 mm – structure width t24 – 15 MM width T15

Soundproof: Black felt nonwoven materials as standard ( other options are available on request.)