Powder coating

Powder coating

nowdays Powder coating due to the absence of solvents, low pollution, high durability and sustainability is widely used in the industry.
The use of powder coating has significantly grown as a method of painting in the last years.


Automatic powder coating line (GEMA)

Lambeh Karan Zarin Company was purchasedfull automatic equipment (robotic) Powder coating

(powder color) from Gema Switzerland Co (a leading manufacturer of powder coating systems in the world). Using electrostatic powder coating spraying systems, allows supplying all aluminum profiles in different classifications.

painted profiles using electrostatic powder coating, while enjoying the beauty and strength, the ability to adapt to the building type and color, scratch-resistant corrosion, the same thickness at all work levels, totally resistant to fire and atmospheric agents will available to applicants.

Lambeh Karan Zarin Company with electrostatic powder paint spraying services has been trying while understand the needs of the project design, consulting engineers and contractors, provide appropriate facilities, to meet part of the country’s construction needs.

The company is willing to cooperation with all its manufacturers performing electrostatic powder spraying services on different parts.