Combination Ceiling Tiles

Combination Ceiling Tiles

The combination tiles roof system

Panel material :

Aluminum sheet with a thickness of 0.5 to 0.7 mm (Galvanized and other materials on request)


Electrostatic powder, full automatic with thickness of 60 to 80 micron, by Rall Europe standard

Standard dimensions of 600 × 600 m.m- -100 × 600 m.m- 100 × 100 mm


Modular tiles with hidden infrastructure and suspension height up to 1200 mm

Longitudinal structures according to the panel dimensions

Lower suspension grid systems, on request: double spring, threaded (all gear), Wire

Infrastructure with suspension systems studs or galvanized cans



borderimplementation : 20*20 mm Studs


The ability to combine with other ceilings-  Easy to clean- Compatibility with Modular

Seam separation:  Seamless

Soundproof: Black felt nonwoven materials as standard ( other options are available on request.)