Dry porcelain ceramic

Dry porcelain ceramic

Dry porcelain ceramic Façade is of the up-to-date Façade on the world that installed drying. This ceramic is the cladding (covering) part of Dry porcelain ceramic that is the main part of this Façade, and should have sufficient strength in a single module and lowest water. This Façade is used for different uses such as commercial, official, residential and interior parts of buildings, terminals and metro stations. The produced Ceramic offered for the building industry in the country in two general forms, which includes Hollow porcelain ceramic, stout porcelain ceramic, commonly called a 1 centimeter or full wind .

Stout porcelain ceramic, 1 centimeter or full wind porcelain ceramic

1-These ceramics has the most features of dry porcelain ceramic, i.e. low water absorption.

2- The standard dimensions for this type of ceramic products is 120*60, and has the ability to cut to the desired size of the project.

3- A special operating system for installation of ceramic in terms of design and components visibility or non-visibility have been produced that has all international standards.

4- Cost of this product is less than the hollow dry porcelain ceramic



Hollow dry porcelain ceramic features

This type of dry porcelain ceramic with a hole in its thickness has more insulated advantages. Because the air in the cavity is prevent penetration of hot or cold air through the ceramic body, and play the role of insulation in the dry porcelain ceramic thickness.

Because of the holes in the ceramic body, a significant percentage of the volume of dry porcelain ceramic is of the air which makes weight loss.

This type of ceramic with tongue and groove embedded in the top and bottom sides, solve the Issues related to the horizontal seam sealing of dry porcelain ceramic tiles. So that the air goes behind it, but the moisture does not penetrate to the back of it.

This type of ceramic has pieces for corners, windows and floors and flushing of the building that gave great delicacy and the ability to tune up and sealing up the product.

The cost of the product, due to the use of high-tech construction that is a special form extruded ceramics, is more and more.