The history of ThermoWood emergence in the timber industry :

Wood is one of the first materials which were available for human naturally and abundantly. Therefore, it has a long history. Although the primitive man began his life in the caves, he used the wood more than any other materials.

For centuries, it has been proven that burning the wood surface in the fire makes it more resistant for outdoor use. The Vikings used this method in outdoor structures.  The heat treatment of wood was scientifically studied in the 1930s for the first time. The deepest and most comprehensive research work was done by ThermoWood Association of Finland (VTT).  ThermoWood is manufactured using a method developed by ThermoWood Association of Finland. The process of heat treatment (thermo) of wood or ThermoWood on an industrial scale has been created by ThermoWood Association of Finland in cooperation with the wood products industry of Finland. ThermoWood process license has been granted to the members of ThermoWood Association of Finland.

What is the ThermoWood process?

In short, it can be said that, in the ThermoWood process, as the wood is protected by the steam, it is heated up to 180 to 215 ° C.  In addition to the protective role, the steam affects the chemical changes of the wood. As a result of this method (heat treatment or ThermoWood), a product called Thermo wood (Thermowood) which is highly compatible with the environment is obtained.  In the Thermo process, the wood color is darkened and more balanced than typical wood in the variable moisture conditions. Its thermal insulation property is also increased. In the thermal treatment (ThermoWood), the wood is become resistant to decay and the change in size is minimized.

Some of the features of ThermoWood or Thermo wood:

-High durability and dimensional stability : After heat treatment (Thermo Process), the moisture content of the wood is reduced to 6.4% and the wood obtained a feature called “moisture balance” which is reduced significantly as a result of moisture absorption and wood-environment heat exchange. This affects the dimensional stability, the reduction of cracking and the significant increase of the insulation properties of Thermo wood timbers (ThermoWood).

-Resistant to decay and insect attack : Due to the breaking down of hemicellulose (sugar chains) in the high-quality Thermo wood, this product will not be the nutrient source for insects and wood rot fungi.

-Without gum, purity and uniformity : When the timbers were underwent the Thermo process, the resin and harmful substances such as formaldehyde are removed. The bacteria are killed and a pure and sterile material is produced for internal and external usages. Creating a uniform color throughout the wood gives a special beauty to it.