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Hekim Yapy is the Turkey’s first and sole manufacturer of autoclaved fiber cement board in 2004 with the knowledge of how purchased from the Belgian ETEX group, a giant company in the production of fiber cement board with more than 100 years of production experience and technology and renowned worldwide for their Eternit brand, Hekim Yapı is the leading company of Turkey, 2015 with a production capacity of 125000 m3 in three production plants.

Obtained by bringing many fiber cement layers into a compact structure with a special pressing and fusion process known as Hatcheck process which a modern production method used by developed countries, HekimBoard fiber cement boards are autoclaved under high temperature and pressure to be extremely durable against the toughest athmospheric conditions. Used confidently in extreme weather conditions, from the heat of the desert to cold of the Arctic, HekimBoard fiber cement boards can be produced in plain surface and in natural stone, cedar or walnut tree, stone masonry or brick patterns with a very special production process and this feature allows for an unlimited number of aesthetic solution