Integra designs, manufactures, delivers and installs metal ceiling systems and high-tech climate ceilings. If you are looking for an advanced ceiling system with cooling and heating technology that fits seamlessly into the design of your building, choose Integra.

Integra collaborate with architects to design ceilings for office buildings, airports and train stations across the globe. Based on the quality of our services, we aim to become the preferred supplier of all our customers. We always shown concern for our immediate surroundings, sustainability, people and the environment.

Integra began designing, manufacturing and installing ceiling systems in 2000. We further expanded our range of products in 2008 to include ceiling systems equipped with ultramodern cooling and heating technology. We provide ceiling systems to organisations such as ABN AMRO, Microsoft, TNT, Amsterdam RAI, and the airports of Saint Petersburg, Tenerife, Schiphol and Oman. From conventional construction to ultra-modern and challenging architecture, and from large surfaces to ingeniously crafted spaces.

In the past few years, Integra has installed ceiling systems in buildings across the globe. Integra have branches in both the Netherlands and Turkey. In both locations, Integra produce panels with standard and acoustic inlays, and can also make specific insulation provisions to meet set requirements. We test all our products in accordance with DIN EN 20354 and DIN EN ISO 16554 standards. In addition, we perform Db and other test measurements on our ceilings with, for example, an acoustic film, different types of perforations and sealed or non-sealed insulation packages.

Our two internationally-oriented business units, Integra Metal Ceiling systems and Integra Climate Ceiling systems, handle the entire process for our business partners, from design to installation. Integra designs ceiling systems and integrates them with lighting and aerodynamic components. We develop aerodynamic selections, lighting plans and calculations of lighting intensity, and other important elements to create an optimal climate in your building. Are you interested in ceiling systems for the renovation, revitalisation or new construction of town halls, hospitals, offices, airports, train stations or hotels? If so, contact Integra.